50 Days and counting…


Weighing in…

This post is totally not wedding related, but a  grassroots movement and a little question of legitimacy has got me thinking.  Is bringing awareness to a region or crime against humanity outweigh the possibility that a charity is less than it says it is?  There is a movement happening…Stop Kony 2012Its a good one.  Its getting young people involved in this global world, giving them an outlet and a voice.  The premise of the campaign is brilliant, make this evil man as famous as our movie stars…make sure everyone knows his name and face and what he has done for decades (abduction, rape, torture and murder) and continues to do today.  Its simple, its grassroots and it seems to be viral.  That said, the organization, Invisible Children, that is spearheading this campaign is in question.  According to “The Daily What“…

The organization behind Kony 2012 — Invisible Children Inc. — is an extremely shady nonprofit that has been called ”misleading,” “naive,” and “dangerous” by a Yale political science professor, and has been accused by Foreign Affairs of “manipulat[ing] facts for strategic purposes.” They have also been criticized by the Better Business Bureau for refusing to provide information necessary to determine if IC meets the Bureau’s standards.

Additionally, IC has a low two-star rating in accountability from Charity Navigator because they won’t let their financials be independently audited. That’s not a good thing. In fact, it’s a very bad thing, and should make you immediately pause and reflect on where the money you’re sending them is going.

By IC’s own admission, only 31% of all the funds they receive go toward actually helping anyone [pdf]. The rest go to line the pockets of the three people in charge of the organization, to pay for their travel expenses (over $1 million in the last year alone) and to fund their filmmaking business (also over a million) — which is quite an effective way to make more money, as clearly illustrated by the fact that so many can’t seem to stop forwarding their well-engineered emotional blackmail to everyone they’ve ever known.

As someone who doesn’t always believe what she reads, I plan on doing more research, but I go back to my original question.  Is awareness and goal of helping save hundreds and thousands of children outweigh the shakiness of an organization?  I wonder.  I weigh this every time I donate to a political organization or healthcare cause.   Where is my money going, and does it matter as much as bringing awareness?

UPDATE: Invisible Children released a rebuttal to all the “negative press” they’ve been getting.  Its definitely worth a read.


Ladies…this is directed at you…

I want to remind everyone that this wedding in in a barn…which has a barn floor not of wood.  So while I know you would love to attend a spring wedding in adorable heels with an open toe, I would very much like to advise against it.   Heels fine (though a wedge would be even better!)…showing off that cute pedicure…not so much.  I would hate to think of how dirty your little piggy’s would get!!

So this is your warning…share with those you love 🙂

Inspiration…see…closed-toes are cute 🙂

The Bridal Shower…

It was lovely!  It was exactly the setting and fun vibe I had wanted, with close girl friends, simple decor and of course, booze!

I was nervous, like really nervous, which is strange because I normally like being the center of attention.  For some reason this morning, it was overwhelming.  So I woke up early, with the goal of tiring myself out with a tough work out…I think it helped a little. 🙂

Arriving to the shower, which was at Garden Terrace, at the IMA, I was stopped by a guy walking his dog who told me, “You’re going to stick out like a sore thumb, everyone inside is blonde!” to which I replied, “good thing its all about me!”

There was music, bloody mary’s (or as Kate calls them “a garden on fire”), champagne, egg casseroles, french toast sticks, and so many other delicious brunchie morsels.  Diet be damned!!  I’m still hoping someone took a picture of the food that they haven’t yet sent me.

We also played a game…like a newlywed style questionnaire.  I was to answer each question how I thought Justin would answer them.  This could have gone either way!  I think I got almost half right…one of which because he gave me the answer the week before…the answer was so funny, he said he had to share.   “If Jillian was an animal, what would she be?”  he answered “Honeybadger.”  Hmmm…I’m going to take it as a compliment, I think. 😉

As the question’s were asked and the ladies were betting on if I would guess wrong or right, I got to open gifts!  I do love gifts…though as I was opening I was informed more than once that my registry was light and boring…does no one read my blog?!?  🙂  To rectify the sad list, a few of the girls have encouraged me to add some items.  Its now “healthier”…I promise.  Back to the gifts…oh,they were good!  Mostly off register with a few fun items thrown in!  The Moms, rocked it…I mean…the holy grail of gifts…the Kitchen Aid Mixer and a completely unexpected, over the top, new camera!!  We’ve been stalking the Nikon and never expected to get it as a gift!!  Now we don’t have to borrow a camera for our honeymoon! 🙂

The afternoon was perfect…even with the nasty hangover that hit me around 2:30pm.  Thank God for Hotbox pizza, tons of water and Whitney Houston’s, The Bodyguard to ease the pain.

I’m so grateful for Orlando who planned, Jordan & Chicago who woke up early to sous chef, and to all the lovely women who came out, dressed up and spent time to honor me.  I love you ladies!!

Bridal Shower teaser…

This Saturday is my Bridal Shower…I’m pumped!

And not just because I’m to be the center of attention, gifts and off diet food with bloody mary’s (which trust me, I love)…but because Orlando has been working out of her comfort-zone and from out of town, to plan this shin-dig.  To see her relaxed and enjoying the fruits of her labors will be well worth it.

Another reason is because Denver, will be flying in for the weekend, meaning I get Orlando, Chicago and Denver all at once!


I’ll post a run down, fun gifts and pics next week for your viewing pleasure!!

Its paying off…

A little bragging, never hurt anyone.  So here goes…I’ve been working my tail off for the past few months just trying to get into wedding shape.  I’ll admit it…I’m hungry and tired and a little grumpy at times, but Justin keeps cheering me on and giving me positive reinforcement with each passing “honey, your booty looks good” comment!   Rod and Michele, of Next Level Fitness, have been pushing the concept of “6 Big Days” and for the most part, I hit the goal each week.  I watch what I eat and make conscious efforts to pay attention to calorie counts.  I work out with them 2-3 times a week and when I can’t make it or have an off day I’ve been taking some yoga classes to keep the momentum.  And finally, with all the hard work, Rod put it all down on paper…we did a Body Fat measurement a few months ago and did the follow up this past Saturday.  Results are in…I’ve lost 3.8% body fat!!!  Weight has basically stayed the same only dropping 8lbs, which is still a positive. 

So, I’m not breaking records or trying to drop dress sizes (a new wardrobe is expensive) I’m trying to be more active and make smart eating decisions.  Being healthy feels good, and being active is probably what has kept me calm during the wedding process…I mean really, could you imagine my stress level if I didn’t have an outlet?!