From Chicago, with love…

my love affair with the future mrs. walker began roughly about 4 years ago. as we all know, there is something so intoxicating about her (sofia pops aside), but i knew instantly i needed this gal in my corner! each time i spent with her, i knew we were meant to be friends. i fell hard and ever since and continue to be amazed by her graciousness and unconditional love for me and everyone she cares for. i know that no matter how much of a high maintenance friend i can be (totally surprising.. i know) she will always be the one person, through thick and thin i can depend on. because of that, jillian is not just a friend… she is family to me. my beautiful touchstone, who in these years has helped shape me in some form into a who i am now.

my love affair with justin started a bit before knowing jill. besides being easy on the eyes, mr. walker is genuine, toothachingly sweet and thoughtful. while he is great at slinging the best made cocktails in town, he was and always will be a great confidant and dear friend. there is something about this handsomely tattooed man too, that just makes you want to be around.

naturally living in a small city, circles collide and it was meant to be for these two magnetic babes to find each other. at first it began as a great friendship, where they commiserated and leaned on each others shoulders for affirmation and advice. it was only a matter of time that instead of crying on each others shoulder, they decided on each others shoulder. hoooooray, and i know you can all agree… FINALLY! after months of scheming and plotting for these two to realize it was right there in front of them all along, i will never forget the text.. “he kissed me!” i’m fairly certain i screamed out loud in a very public place. i KNEW it was the beginning of something beautiful.

so here we are folks.. with a week away and indy’s “golden couple” (how i like to refer to them as) is about to make it official. even for this somewhat pessimistic single gal.. these two really make love look effortless, fun and most of all beautiful. it makes me believe that sometimes, even the right person is right under your nose. you just have to wake up and see it!

to the couple.. i wish you laughter all the days through, a lifetime of perfect kisses and most importantly.. more love than you can possibly imagine. thank you for letting me share in this journey with you. i’ll love you always..

– Chicago


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