The Bridal Shower…

It was lovely!  It was exactly the setting and fun vibe I had wanted, with close girl friends, simple decor and of course, booze!

I was nervous, like really nervous, which is strange because I normally like being the center of attention.  For some reason this morning, it was overwhelming.  So I woke up early, with the goal of tiring myself out with a tough work out…I think it helped a little. 🙂

Arriving to the shower, which was at Garden Terrace, at the IMA, I was stopped by a guy walking his dog who told me, “You’re going to stick out like a sore thumb, everyone inside is blonde!” to which I replied, “good thing its all about me!”

There was music, bloody mary’s (or as Kate calls them “a garden on fire”), champagne, egg casseroles, french toast sticks, and so many other delicious brunchie morsels.  Diet be damned!!  I’m still hoping someone took a picture of the food that they haven’t yet sent me.

We also played a game…like a newlywed style questionnaire.  I was to answer each question how I thought Justin would answer them.  This could have gone either way!  I think I got almost half right…one of which because he gave me the answer the week before…the answer was so funny, he said he had to share.   “If Jillian was an animal, what would she be?”  he answered “Honeybadger.”  Hmmm…I’m going to take it as a compliment, I think. 😉

As the question’s were asked and the ladies were betting on if I would guess wrong or right, I got to open gifts!  I do love gifts…though as I was opening I was informed more than once that my registry was light and boring…does no one read my blog?!?  🙂  To rectify the sad list, a few of the girls have encouraged me to add some items.  Its now “healthier”…I promise.  Back to the gifts…oh,they were good!  Mostly off register with a few fun items thrown in!  The Moms, rocked it…I mean…the holy grail of gifts…the Kitchen Aid Mixer and a completely unexpected, over the top, new camera!!  We’ve been stalking the Nikon and never expected to get it as a gift!!  Now we don’t have to borrow a camera for our honeymoon! 🙂

The afternoon was perfect…even with the nasty hangover that hit me around 2:30pm.  Thank God for Hotbox pizza, tons of water and Whitney Houston’s, The Bodyguard to ease the pain.

I’m so grateful for Orlando who planned, Jordan & Chicago who woke up early to sous chef, and to all the lovely women who came out, dressed up and spent time to honor me.  I love you ladies!!


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