Its paying off…

A little bragging, never hurt anyone.  So here goes…I’ve been working my tail off for the past few months just trying to get into wedding shape.  I’ll admit it…I’m hungry and tired and a little grumpy at times, but Justin keeps cheering me on and giving me positive reinforcement with each passing “honey, your booty looks good” comment!   Rod and Michele, of Next Level Fitness, have been pushing the concept of “6 Big Days” and for the most part, I hit the goal each week.  I watch what I eat and make conscious efforts to pay attention to calorie counts.  I work out with them 2-3 times a week and when I can’t make it or have an off day I’ve been taking some yoga classes to keep the momentum.  And finally, with all the hard work, Rod put it all down on paper…we did a Body Fat measurement a few months ago and did the follow up this past Saturday.  Results are in…I’ve lost 3.8% body fat!!!  Weight has basically stayed the same only dropping 8lbs, which is still a positive. 

So, I’m not breaking records or trying to drop dress sizes (a new wardrobe is expensive) I’m trying to be more active and make smart eating decisions.  Being healthy feels good, and being active is probably what has kept me calm during the wedding process…I mean really, could you imagine my stress level if I didn’t have an outlet?!



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