Check that box…

What a difference a few days make!!

I can say with relief and excitement that we have booked our honeymoon!!  Well, maybe we still need a rental car, but past that…all booked!!  Now its just down to picking activities and getting recommendations.  I’m over the moon excited!!!

Most of all I want to thank my amazing Matron of Honor for her early shower gift!!

Orlando, you are amazing…thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was a huge gesture, and we are forever grateful.  I also promise to not look at you at the shower and say…”wheres my gift?” 😉

If you are wondering, she gifted us almost half our airline tickets. Amazing, no?

So we are flying into Phoenix and taking the scenic route to the Grand Canyon for two days, and staying “in-park” which totally looks straight out of a 1950s Cary Grant movie!  Its right on the south rim, a few feet from the trail head.  After that, its down to Sedona, for some more adventure, good food and a lot of spa and relaxation time.  Oh I can’t wait!!

Then our last day is Justin’s Birthday…so I’m surprising him with a night closer to Phoenix at the coolest hotel ever…thank you, Chicago, for mentioning it.  I’ll share if you ask, just not on this blog.  Then home again!  Oh and I almost forgot!!  The day after we get back is Gerrison Keillor, live and onstage!  I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this, but yes, we are nerds.

So its time to shop for hiking boots and outdoor gear…sexy huh? 🙂


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