Start to 2012…

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

I’ll admit, I had every intent to write some posts last week…but I got caught up in my ‘staycation’ and opted to stay away from the computer.  It was glorious!  I did however paint the bathroom…see, not completely lazy!  So I hope everyone got everything they wanted from the big man, and had a safe start to 2012!

We have started the year off right…found the perfect photographer (more on her later), finalized our invitations and placed orders for burlap and envelopes, bought out Wal-Mart’s left over holiday lights and almost completed our day of itinerary (which all credit goes to Orlando for making me focus!) though I’ll admit an 8:00am start is not what I thought we’d have.

So, this photographer of ours…we LOVE her!  She was a regular of Justin’s as Usual Suspects…making her “a usual”…and she up and moved to Chicago.  We met with her last Monday…grabbing a coffee and having a chat.  I love that she’s skimmed our (this) blog and has a sense of us.  Her name is Lauren Wakefield, she’s wonderful.  Check out her website too…  Now if I can just find her on Pintrest 🙂

Back to work for me…Have a great rest of your day!


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