Keeping Calm…

I think this is where I try not to freak out…I think if one more person says “oh, its right around the corner!” or “just 4 more months!” I may lose it.  Now I know that while 4 months is short, its also over 120 days away.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited…I can’t wait to marry this man, but I’m no where near ready!!  Invitations aren’t printed, envelopes aren’t ordered, table runners and draping aren’t ordered, the menu isn’t set, the photographer hasn’t been selected and we only just settled on a honeymoon location…but its not booked!  Oh, I think I might hyperventilate.  But I have amazing friends who have calmed me down…telling me it will be perfect, and perfect even in the imperfections.

So at 2pm this afternoon, I’m calm…list in hand and ready to tackle another set of tasks!

So if you see me…please…don’t remind me how “right around the corner” it is 🙂



One thought on “Keeping Calm…

  1. Hi, guys, you have plenty of time, make it perfect for Jill and Justin, if you guys are happy then everyone else will be to. XOXOXO

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