*Honeymoon Update*

Well that was fast…after the post we got bad news…apparently, our planned honeymoon falls right in line with black fly season in Maine.  To be honest, we’ve heard its a crap-shoot…and all depends on weather, but if the temp gets higher than 50-55 degrees, larvae hatch and flies are hungry. I’ve never heard of, or encountered the little guys, but the moment I told Justin…he said “no way, those things are miserable.”  Needless to say…we’re rethinking the trip.

So, now, we are looking into two new options:

Sedona, AZ

and Jackson Hole, WY

Both lovely options (though I’ll admit I have a favorite), giving us both the outdoor adventures we love, along with offerings of good food and wine.  The idea of some spa time doesn’t hurt either 🙂

So, back to the research, I’ll keep you posted!  If anyone has insight.We’re all ears!


One thought on “*Honeymoon Update*

  1. Been to both and enjoyed both. For the time of year and the available options, Sedona may give you more of what you are looking for.

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