So, its been awhile…

Hi, stranger…its me…the bride to be…

Its almost been so long, I’m not 100% where to start…worry not, the wedding is still in full effect and I can say that save-the-dates have been sent.  Justin say’s he’s “proud to be on refrigerators across the country with me!”  Mom, is collecting the last remaining plates needed so that most of you can eat (a huge thank you to all her wonderful friends for pitching in!) and most of the little ordering is slowly winding down.

So what’s been going on you ask?  Lets see…my boss is taking a new position at the Dallas Museum of Art.  It was scary for a bit, being thrown back into the mindset that I needed to find a job…happy to report I’m still here at the museum, and with a few good people in my corner, really looking forward to what lies ahead.  More on that after the first of the year!

Most importantly, my Grandmother has passed away.  While something’s you prepare for, even then, death is always a shock.  I have to say, I’m blessed that I had the chance to say goodbye, kiss her forehead and say “tell grandpa hi for me,” it still knocks the wind out of your sails.  To be honest, I was more hurting for my mother…I’m just not sure I’ll be as strong as she was when its time for me to tell her goodbye.  Needless to say…I’m glad that Nana is at peace…but it really, really sucks.

Well, I promise to get back to it…fill you in equally on the mundane and exciting happenings…just remember you can always stop reading at any time.  Tomorrow we have a guest blogger…which reminds me…if I’ve asked you to write, or you just have a desire…get on it!


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