Engagement Party…

Man, its been a while since I posted…hello?…anyone who I’ve asked to guest blog…anytime you’re ready 😉

First off (and most importantly)…we want to say a HUGE ‘Thank You’ to Jordan, for hosting our engagement party last night!  It was lovely…and we apologize for not giving a ‘thank you toast’…we were so caught up in the night (and the wine) we forgot!!  We were so moved by your thoughtfulness of the album and using it as card (for those that don’t know, we collect vinyl and the day after we got engaged we saw Florence and the Machine), I wish I was half as sentimental as you!  We loved reading everyone’s well wishes and love notes!  Also, Chicago drove down to surprise us for the party!!  I won’t hide that I teared up.  Then to top off our spoiledness (I know, I know, its not a word) our favorite bartender surprised us with a gorgeous vase from a customer of his, that happened to win at Penrod this year in clay! So we went home, put on a fantastic album, set our new vase out on display, and opened yet another bottle of wine with our out of town guest.  Perfect.

Wedding planning is chugging along…we’re still hunting plates and now milk glass.  We’re ordering glasses and burlap soon.  Most important to all…is to know that we are pricing out porta-potties.  That’s right, I said it.  Remember guys, we’re getting married in a barn…and while it will be chic, you will not be treated as farm animals and asked to go out back, we will have very nice, spacious and clean…porto-potties.  Do not be afraid 🙂

So here is something I would love for you all to start thinking about and making a list…songs.  While we have an amazing DJ…I’m sure there are songs that you would love to hear, hate to hear, etc.  We’re always thinking ahead so feel free to send them along.


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