vacation recap…

Playing catch up has never been a favorite past time for me, but alas, I think for the most part we are [caught-up].  And while taking a week and some change for vacation is glorious, the piles of communication you return to can be overwhelming. In this mound of communication also comes some fun wedding news…let me see if i can’t bring you up to speed.

Vacation:  I’ll be honest, if we won the lotto tomorrow we would leave you all in the dust and move to northern Sonoma…though we would promise to also leave our address so you could visit as often as you’d like.  It’s perfect…cool for a sweater in the morning and hot for a sundress in the afternoon.  Amazing food and wine.  Its like when you’re in New York and everyone is an actor or Austin and everyone is a singer…in Healdsburg, everyone either makes wine, grows food, or is a chef.  Heaven.  Let me also bring you in on a little secret…I’m not granola.  I don’t tree hug and I’m not a fan of the band Phish…but spending time in California always makes me a little more interested in knowing where our food comes from, how we are all connected and what Justin and I can do to live a more sustainable life.  So here is your homework…look up Wendell Barry…read something of his and tell me what you think.

Wine…yes we tasted some amazing wine…Ridge, Unti, Preston, White Oak, Gary Farrel, VML, Jordan, and the list goes on.  We promise to pop a bottle or two at our next dinner party (whenever that might be)!

A day away from wine…we even took a day to go for a redwoods hike at Armstrong Redwoods Park.  I’ll admit, it kicked my ass a little…almost two miles vertical is a lot.  So I definitely brought up the rear, but the scenery was worth slowing down for.  Tree’s like this make you feel small…in a good way.  After our never ending hike, we headed to the coast!  We drove to Goat Rock Beach, which looked just like the beach from The Goonies.  It was overcast with fog by the time we got there, but it was beautiful.  So very beautiful.  We walked the beach a little and wrote our names in the sand (because that’s what you do), and let the cold…very cold water wash over our feet.  After that, we headed back to the B&B and called it a perfect day.  We may have just passed out of exhaustion…but I’m sure it was perfect.

I think you get the gist of the vacation…wine, food, sites.  I’ll move along 🙂

Home again: We got back a little after midnight on Saturday morning…slept most of the day then unfortunately Justin had to work that night (the life of a bar manager).  Sunday morning at 5am I picked him up and we headed down/over, a 2 hour drive to Lawrenceburg for this once a month antique mart.  Now I know what you are thinking, how could I not let him sleep and go antiquing?!  Let me let you in on a secret, I am not the crazy antiquer here.  Justin LOVES the thrill of the hunt, the rush of the perfect find.  If he had his way he would be a “picker’ out on the road (Discovery Channel shows do nothing to help).  Denver, likes to joke and say we are hoarders…but trust me, I only say ‘yes’ to a quarter of the things he wants to buy and I promise our storage space isn’t even half full. 🙂  He does, this man of mine, he has a great eye and he finds cool things.  My favorite find of the day you ask?  This super cute pie safe!  It now holds all of our towels and such in the bathroom!

So there you have it all wrapped up in a nutshell.  If I’ve missed anything, you’ll get it in a later post!  Hopefully one day soon, some of my maids and matrons will write a little something for you…cross your fingers.


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