Justin and I will be heading west to work the Sonoma Grand Prix, for Ganassi Racing, and taking our last vacation before we tie the knot.  We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and getting a little time away to reconnect (our work schedules have been nasty the past 4 weeks!).

Once the race is over, come Monday morning, we are heading up to northern Sonoma County to spend some time in Healdsburg.  We love it there, great restaurants, delicious wine and relaxed people.  Its not like Napa with the large estates, these people harvest in small batches, many are even certified organic.  Last year, I was lucky enough to get to cork some magnum bottles of wine by hand!  Every Tuesday night on the town square, there is live music and everyone comes out, sits on blankets, sweats in the heat and has a picnic.  Its fantastic!  Cross your fingers there is room at our favorite Inn…this is one trip Justin has tricked me into not planning ahead each year (by now you should know that’s hard for me).  He likes to drive around, talk to locals and see where the best deals are.  I’m hoping the Bed & Breakfast we were at last year is available, not that I’m planning. 😉  We’re going to taste some amazing wine, hike amongst the redwoods and just get in a little relaxation!

So your getting a break from the blog for a week or so…I’ll post some pictures when we return!

*I almost forgot!  My Matron of Honor (Orlando) gave us the cutest engagement gift!!!  I’m so proud she is coming around to the way of Etsy 🙂



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