Where to begin.  Ever have that friend in your life that just makes you smile at the thought of them.  This one is ours.  We really wanted someone important in our lives officiate our wedding ceremony, some one who knew and loved us, someone who would take it seriously but have fun doing it.  After long debate we came to the same conclusion, it had to be Kate.  Neither Justin nor I are exceptionally religious, we don’t go to church…I have this on going joke that I’m friends with Kate, so that I’ll get into heaven.  She is that good.   Beyond that, she is hilarious…there are two women I know that can bring me to the point you laugh so hard you have to cover your face because…well its just ugly.  You lose control of your lips, and its all teeth and gums…your nose crinkles and the tears start.  Seriously…its ugly.  Kate is one of them.

I’ve also never met someone who takes dress up and theme parties to an art form.  That is serious dedication, and one amazing closet.

On top of everything else, she writes…and not just well…great.  In one post I can both laugh and cry.  They are worth a read, one about dating and the other about her love of God and family, check them out:

We had a hard time setting up a dinner/drink/brunch, anything really, this girl is busy!  We wanted to ask her together, and finally this past Friday, we got our chance…she said yes!!!  We really couldn’t be more excited about Kate, officiating our ceremony…I know she is disappointed that her interpretive ribbon dance is no longer an option, but we hope she puts as much love, feeling and creativity into this other opportunity 🙂

Also, if you know any tattooed men who love Jesus, let me know…I have a girl for you!


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