State Fair Time…

Oh that’s right, I said, State Fair!  When I lived in Virginia, fairs like this weren’t a big deal, at least not to me…but, here in the state of Indiana…the fair is a BIG DEAL.  I love it!  I strangely look forward to it every year.  Not so much as a countdown, but it is blocked out in Outlook as something to look forward to.  And I really do.  I love the Indiana State Fair…seriously!  This is the year of the soy bean!  The SOY BEAN!  Barns filled with pigs, cows, horses, goats, and all the smells that come with them.  Worlds largest boar?  Yes please!  The rodeo? Don’t mind if I do.  Janet Jackson…well, I guess she needs the money.

I don’t eat all day just to save myself for the amazing creations that people dream up.  I eat my way around the track…with multiple stops at the Dairy Barn…some corn on the cob, a walking taco, fried cheese, pulled pork, honey sticks, funnel cakes (Mmmm…funnel cakes), apple dumplings, corn dogs…and the list goes on.  This year is fried kool-aid, last year, krispy kremes as burger buns.  Yes, I might roll myself to the car, yes, I might feel awful for the next week, true, I might not even leave the bathroom that night (to much information?), but its the State Fair!  It screams summertime fun!  Hello…mullet sightings? Yes, please!  My trainer may kill me, or have a heart attack with the thought of it (I’m sure I’ll pay for it Monday)…but its the fair, its tradition, its a complete guilty pleasure.  So, we’re going, this weekend…and I am excited 🙂

*Update…we went, we ate, we survived!

Bernie the Soy Bean!

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