flower girls to love…

I’m happy to report that we officially have two flower girls!  My niece Parker and Addison, for whom I’ve loved since she was 2 minutes old.


Both are ridiculously cute and may easily steal my thunder.  I’m working to find dresses that are both budget conscious and fun for the girls…I have a strong contender, who is sending me color swatches, so hopefully I can update you soon 🙂  Seriously…they are really fun dresses…I’m a little jealous.  I am a little bummed however, that my sister in-law won’t be able to make the wedding, but then that would be me being selfish.  I’m going to be an aunty for the 5th time!  Guess who’s excited…me…I’m being selfish remember!

On another note, I’m so very grateful for everyone sending pictures and pitching in to help accumulate plates for this little shindig!

exactly what I had in mind!

We may only have a few so far, but with so many eyes open we should be able to feed people come April. Look at this great plate Justin’s mom found!! 🙂


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