Once again I am reminded just how wonderful our friends are.  They pitch in where needed and usually without being asked.  They offer up connections and time just to help with this wedding we are all planning.  And that’s just it…we are all planning!  They have ideas and expertise that I don’t in areas.  They are bright and creative.  What reminded me of this was a chat today with Chicago…she has offered to help with getting flowers, her mom is amazing and has great connections on the west coast (this helps with an early spring wedding, somethings we want may not be available locally)…and she struggles, like we all do financially, and for her to offer to pitch in where she can (which I would never allow her to do) was like a little one offering you their piggy bank.  It was really emotionally overwhelming; this is why these girls will be standing next to me.  I love them.

I would like to ask everyone a favor though…we are collecting mis-matched plates, plates you would find for a quarter at a flea market.  We need over a hundred, so if you see one…get it…we’ll pay you back!  With so many people over such a vast distance, every eye helps!  Justin and I will be hitting flea markets all summer and fall if anyone wants a road trip 🙂


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