dresses…part 2…


I think I’ve finally come to a decision (at least I hope so since an email went out to my girls this afternoon).  I don’t want my bridesmaids to match…I don’t even want them to be identical in color…so I’m going with a color palate, and they can pick the shade they want.  Granted, I want final say (thanks goodness for camera phones!), but I wanted them to have as much time as possible to find something that we all like.  Now comes color choice.  I go back and forth on green and pink, but the more I envision photos and flowers…I’m really leaning towards pink.  Let. Me. Tell. You.

pick a color…any color…as long as its one of these!

I NEVER thought I would pick pink as my bridesmaids color!  But hey, its spring, and they will look great next to either ivory or white (another dress decision I’m mulling over) and all the greenery.  Besides, I think Justin is going to call green accents for the groomsmen…but that is another post for another time.  So far, the girls are being supportive of the color options, we’ll see how the shopping goes…updates will ensue!

With that said, we’ve been engaged a whole month today…and I feel like we’ve gotten so much accomplished already.  I mean, venue and slight set up plan…bridesmaids and groomsmen…kind of color ideas…a plan for the menu…favors…etc.  So why am I feeling anxiety?!  According to Theknot.com we are 270 days away from becoming Mr. and Mrs. Walker.  I mean, I’ve got time right?  Is feeling overwhelmed part of it?!  Seriously, that same website says I have 181 boxes to check and 27 that are past due.  I know I don’t plan on following all their suggestions, but just seeing the number is, well, astonishing!  Justin is the best at calming me down, or laughing at me till I realize I’m being ridiculous…both work. Thank goodness, for him!   🙂

*he calms me

3 thoughts on “dresses…part 2…

  1. Anxiety is part of it…I think. Esides, it gives us gentlemen a reason to find ways to calm you ladies down….We are “fixers” by gender.

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