the wedding planner…


Over the weekend, we met with a wedding planner.  I was hesitant at first, but so very grateful for his insight.  Apparently I’d been focused on the reception part of the day so much, I’d over looked the ceremony details.  I mean I love a good party!  He brought  us back to what was important and really had us focus on the feeling we want people to have…how we want them to enter and exit and the flow the day should take.  We’ve now changed where in the space the ceremony will take place, what types of tables we’re using, and how best to do lighting.

I wasn’t lying…it’s an arena!

Yes, there will be a need for a cherry-picker.  Mostly we realize that we are going to need an amazing team of helpers to pull this off, which we have (and are still recruiting for)…thank God.  I’m still incredibly overwhelmed, but its nice to have a clear vision of what we want and need.  Oh yes…the lists are long!  At the end of the meeting, what we didn’t expect was for the planner to say that we had so much under control that to use him would be a waste of money, but that when needed for the little things he would be happy to help on an hourly consulting basis.  It was wonderful to hear.  We do feel we are on the right track, we just wander off every once in a while…like children with shiny objects 🙂

So we’re going to start hitting some flea-markets and antique marts for odds and ends…which will be such fun adventures in themselves!

Speaking of flea-markets…Justin passed an estate sale this past Saturday morning on the way home from a long night at work, and stopped.  Now i normally get nervous when I’m not with him…he has a vision for EVERYTHING, so you never know what might make it back to the house or garden!  But on this particular morning, he was a rock-star.  Now granted, he did come home with a bizarre piece of art…he also came home with a vintage DVF wrap dress and YSL (that with a little alteration will be amazing).  This is why I love him, he knows that if he crosses paths with good designer vintage to buy it.  He’s totally a keeper! 🙂


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