holding pattern…


Its been a slow week, not going to lie.  Justin and I are back in our normal, see you on Sunday and Monday routine, so it makes the planning and wedding talk spotty (to say the least).  We’re still working on lists and addresses, waiting for the caterer to come back with numbers, and planning to meet with a wedding planner this weekend.  That last one, isn’t because we feel we necessarily need one, but some, day of set-up and tear down could be helpful.  All in all, right now we’re kind of in a holding pattern.  I’m not a huge fan of the “holding pattern.”

On another note…our trainer…Rod, who owns Next Level Fitness, off Winthrop in Broad Ripple has really been on my butt about cracking down on my eating habits and as he likes to say…its time to “tighten a little.”  He promised I don’t have to seriously buckle down till the end of January, but I do need to get a little more focused.  When talking about food…these words are not my favorite.  I’m not big, I’m not little…I’m average (happily average) and I don’t work out to get checked out or wear leggings as pants (Kate, that was for you)…I work out…so I can eat what I want.  And what I want, usually includes carbs and cheese, oh and wine, I love wine, but this is wedding planning and I do want to look amazing in my dress…I also have no interest in spanx…so, alas, I’ll tighten.

Since I’m on the Rod train…a couple things to share…he is good stuff…so follow him on twitter @nextlevelfit_br and for more fun reading, he is currently training our friend JD, on her quest to get fit.  Catch her blog and @indyjdz, both worth checking out!

So I’ll keep you posted on the training…I cannot promise it will be pretty.  And updates next week on…well anything I owe updates on 🙂

PS.  I couldn’t help myself I had to order these! God bless, Etsy for creating a monster!

love a good photo op!

2 thoughts on “holding pattern…

  1. Yeah! Maybe you can come over to my site and guest blog once you get into the hardcore training with Rod! We took pics today…gag…but nevertheless they will be included in my next blog post…and that’s the skinny…

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