How do you turn 400 into 150?

So now, we are talking budget: what we can comfortably do, what our parents can comfortably contribute…hey, its a recession people!  Our biggest factor is that we will not go into one dollar of debt for this…we’re doing all cash…no credit.  Scary!

For our guest list, this produces our biggest anxiety, how can we whittle all of our friends and family to 150 guests?!!? How do you pick?  How do you rank?  We know that family comes first, period.  Then the immediate, day to day people we call our best friends.  Then we move outward, to friends and co-workers.  It’s the most stressful thing…we want to invite everyone, those we’ve been friends with for decades…but we can’t invite them all.  Most I think will understand, I guess we’ll see.  On the upside, most of our friends overlap (according to the world of Facebook 160 friends to be exact) so that helps.  🙂

I have this beautiful dream that we can keep our food and rental cost down, enough to where we can up the list by 50 people.  I’m crossing my fingers, just not holding my breath!

We are having some fun in this process, deciding who will officiate the wedding (this one might surprise you), will we have cake or pie (pie totally won!), photo booth props, etc.  The little details are the most fun for me.  Here is a peak of inspiration for us…

So, so much more to talk about and do…I feel like we’re just getting warmed up…


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