dresses…oh the struggle…part 1…

Now that all the girls are excited…its bridesmaid dress talk time…I love my girls…I do.  I love that they are opinionated.  Wow, are they opinionated!  The ideas of not matching, but matching, ideas of skirts (which two quickly knocked down), ideas of same color, but different dresses…it’s never ending.  To be honest, with the wedding so far out (at least to me) I have a hard time making the call.  Which is weird, because I’ve always been into instant gratification so making a decision quickly and checking that box shouldn’t be all that foreign to me.  I will give Denver, credit…she said [though i don’t like your pick] “I would wear pink hot pants if you asked me to,” now that is a friend.

(That’s just mean)

So the dress conversation continues.  I’ve got time right?  To be honest, I’ll probably change my mind a hundred more times.  Shoot…I haven’t even been able to commit to a color palate yet!

Side note: We met with our first caterer today.  Lots of great ideas, and a fantastic food station for kids!  Crossing our fingers our budget allows for our vision 🙂


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