early decisions…

OK, so I have one more “maid” to ask…I had originally said I only wanted five bridesmaids, then came to the realization that its my wedding and I can do what I want. If I want six, I can have six.  I know its strange, but I still have to be reminded of that sometimes.

The whole bridesmaid thing has been a roller-coaster for me.  You see, almost all of my girls, live across the country, and one of them…my sister and I have had ups and downs (mostly downs) for the past two years…but weddings are a great excuse to form new bonds, I just couldn’t imagine looking back and her not being with me, so we’ve reconnected (which is amazing), and my sister has agreed to be a bridesmaid! The other girls…Denver, Chicago, Boston and soon to be Orlando have all enthusiastically agreed.  So one more to go, “Indy”…we have dinner tomorrow…I’ll let you know how it goes.

Justin and I have finally agreed on “Save The Date” cards…we wanted them to be us, but still affordable…seriously…I must have had my head buried in the sand because I had no idea how much things like this cost…I won’t even start on the invitations!  We went with, a postcard design that we can print ourselves to whichever quantity we desired, by Kathy at HeartyDesigns on EtsyIt lets us tell people we are getting married in a barn without the need to put it on our invitations.  Love that.  We still need to print them and the compiling of addresses is a bit tedious, but its exciting, no?

Oh!  I can not believe I haven’t yet told you about Pintrest!!  Its been my obsession ever since we even started talking wedding.  Simply put, its an online bulletin board.  It allows you to mark inspiration without tearing it out of a magazine or printing it (which i would lose anyway).  Best part is, my bridesmaids across the U.S. can log in and see where they are headed…what my “vision” is and dresses I’m looking at making them wear.  Its genius!  You are welcome for that tip by the way 🙂


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