And it begins

You know, I never considered myself a “girly-girl” but I did at least think when it came to my wedding I would have my head together.  Its overwhelming!  I mean everything…to picking attendants (hardest thing ever), to the dresses, to how I even want to look!  Lets start at the beginning of this project…

He asked!  Four simple words…four emotional words…I said yes.

The moment we started the calls and texts to family and friends, it started.  “When are you getting married?” “What are your colors?” “I’m a bridesmaid, right?”  I’d been engaged for a whole 4 minutes!!  Once we came down from the clouds, and the mountain he proposed on…it hit…holy crap, I’m getting married!  I have to plan this thing!  And we’re paying for it!  Yikes.

So we set a date: April 29th, 2012 (colors to be determined)

I have to say, Justin and I are blessed with amazing friends and family.  What some items you would call big, we are lucky enough to have taken care of.  Our venue, an amazing space and location in Carmel, Indiana, has been generously gifted to us by, Helen Wells and the Bastian Family, who own Helen Wells Modeling Agency.  You see, we’re getting married in a barn, or rather a show arena.  Its big, its lovely, its rustic in places and new in others and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Our DJ, is the amazing Ben Action Jackson!  Who spins every Wednesday at Casba for OMG (seriously, the music is hot and the people watching can’t be beat).  He’s a great friend of Justin’s, and amazing to offer.

So, so far…two big hurdles down…100’s more to go…

I wanted to start this blog to remember the little details and to give credit where credit is due…it should be a lot of DIY and learning how to save money along the way, but if nothing else, it should be fun!


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